Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015- My Favourite Songs

This is my annual listing of my favourite songs of the year gone by. I kind of got back into dance music (refuse to call it EDM), so this year there are 2 lists. 

Rock/ Pop Rock/ Alt
Dance/ Pop Dance

Here we go.

Rock/ Pop Rock/ Alt

  1. Karaoke- Smallpools
  2. Lampshades on Fire- Modest Mouse
  3. Here- Alessia Cara
  4. Deadwater- Wet
  5. Bloodstream- Ed Sheeran
  6. All of this and Nothing- Dave Gahan
  7. The Best Room- Modest Mouse
  8. Namsate- Swim Deep
  9. Outta My Mind- The ARCS
  10. I Feel Love- Dead Weather
Pop/ Pop/ Dance
  1. Roses- Chainsmokers
  2. Faded- ZHU
  3. The Hills- The Weeknd
  4. Automatic (feat.  AlunaGeorge)- ZHU
  5. You Know You Like It (feat. AlunaGeorge) DJ Snake
  6. Can't Feel My Face- The Weeknd
  7. Powerful (feat. Ellie Goulding)- Major Lazer
  8. Pray To God ft. HAIM (Calvin Harris vs Mike Pickering Hacienda Remix)- Calvin Harris
  9. High- Peking Duk
  10. How Deep Is Your Love (feat. The Disciples)- Calvin Harris

Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Call it a comeback!

The best ever Yankees comebacks since 2006. I'd add Game 1 of the 98 world series which turned on 2 pitches to Tino. The first was ruled a ball, the next was a grand salami.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

In search of meaning.

About Nothing

How many episodes can you name in the picture?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


The government lost. The parents of the students from 'other' boards won. Justice prevailed. Viva Chief Justice Swatanter Kumar and Justice S C Dharmadhikari!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I can walk English, I can talk English etc

So said, Amitabh in Namak Halal way back in 1982. We've come a long way as a country since then, and more people are walking and talking English than ever before.

But with the spread of the language, satellite television, remix culture and perhaps bad teachers, the English language spoken in India is not the language the Brits left behind in 1947....a few examples of uniquely Indian English nuggets:

How many times has someone introduced themselves to you with the 'concept' of 'Myself Happy/ Lucky/Bubbly'?
What about when someone calls you, on the phone and says...'Amrit this side'.
Why do our restaurants/ pubs get pluralized? There is only one Olive, one Del Italia and one Trishna. Or rather, you can only visit one restaurant at a time no?
Why do people say he has/ hasn't reverted BACK?
What about 'I don't think SO, I can make it to your party'....
Anti social as i was taught, implies someone who's either a vandal or a someone who incites riots- not someone who wants to hang in a corner at a party solo.
In the Mumbai Times, which is the paper of the new and the modern India, and largely responsible for the dumbing down of our younger citizenry, somehow everyone is invariably 'grooving' along to the 'peppy tunes' played by DJ (fill in the blank). I take it the BT reporters have never ever been to a dull party.


What about 'Have you taken your meals?' (I never took them anywhere, I sat on the table and ate).

Friday, June 26, 2009

Le Roi est Mort. Vive Le Roi!

Michael Jackson is gone. I will admit that I am/ was never a big fan of his. This is due to the fact that I grew up in America when Thriller happened and as an 11 (going on 18)year old kid, it was simply uncool to be a fan of the same music as extra terrestrials, 5 year olds and geriatrics. However that's not to say I wasn't a fan of his music. Billie Jean, Don't Stop til you get Enough, I Just Can't Stop Loving You are songs I will never tire of.

But what must be said is that the guy fundamentally changed music, the music business and impacted culture at a worldwide level like nobody else did. And nobody else ever will. Tommy Motolla's quote -'he was the cornerstone of the music business' is absolutely bang on.

He took R&B and funk to the masses and made it pop. He paved the way for other Black (that was the term used in the 80s) singers and performers around the world. Nobody knew what to do with music videos in the early 80s. Only he had the vision to make pop music visual. Rightly so, MTV's ultimate honour for excellence in the field of music video is called the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Thanks for the music MJ. Thanks for my livelihood.

No matter what.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogging in Iran

Thanks be to the dude who uploaded it onto FlickR and to the guy who actually drew it.
No thanks to the Iranian government for making this possible.